Let it Snow, Snow, Snow!

Snow is pounding Colorado which is great for the early ski season. We'll be up there for a couple weeks over Christmas. Here are some pics from October where we waited patiently for the first snow before heading back to Austin. Love Breckenridge!!

Big Foot and the Horny Toad*

This is going to provide a lot of material to write about! Picked up the Airstream Friday and had a quick 3 day shake out trip in the DFW area. Awesome!!

Big Foot is definitely a keeper for the name of the truck. It is truly a beast and incredible in every way. It also gets 20 mpg by itself. Goes down to 14 mpg when towing, but that is twice as good as the motorhome. That new Tesla can't pull this bad boy!

*Horny Toad is a working name, but it's growing on us. A toad in the RV lexicon is something you tow behind. And I don't need to explain horny.

So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish

My goodbye note to fellow Lifesizers in September 2015. It was sent back to my personal email from a co-worker. As if the title needs introduction it is from Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe. I told my wife, "So Long. Thanks for all the Fish", and she looked at me like I was crazy and has been asking anyone she sees if they've ever heard it. Only one has (of course it was Gary). It's what the dolphins said when they left Planet Earth before it was destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass. I guess it's an engineering thing ;).


From: Casey King
Sent: Monday, September 07, 2015 9:31 PM
To: All
Subject: So Long. Thanks!


This week is my last at Lifesize. One week short of 12 years! Wow, what a ride it’s been with all of you!

I often limit a talk to 3 things, so I wanted to share a few lists of 3.

3 favorite products


- Icon + Phone + Cloud. What a combo & getting better everyday!

- Passport. The gateway to Icon. Technically it was incredibly hard to do. No one in the world did what we did.

- Bridge 2200. Another very HARD product to do. And a gateway product to infrastructure and soft MCUs.

- BONUS: The original Room system. The reward is to get to do it again, and Room let us do that. Many miracles.

- … AND webRTC, VideoCenter, Desktop Client, Express, CSS, … too many fantastic products to pick only 3!

3 favorite presentations


- The “I’m a Mac” parody that Joe & I did at the Alamo Ritz in 2008. So much fun and the content included “Name 5 Great Products” & “Becoming #1 in the World” through learning, change & quality. Wish we recorded this one.

- the YEARS talking about burning platforms and software eating the world, culminating with the “Reimagination” presentation in Dubai launching Icon. Actually ALL of the launch intros were epic, from spinning a multicolor basketball at 60 fps, to Bridge 2200, to UVC failover, to running Cloud demos off a Verizon LTE network in NYC and SF. Lots of first, best and only products.

- The “Once you Get a Good Wave, Stay on the Board” presentation including 3 parts: “Why are You Still Here”, “Vision” & “Futures”.

- BONUS: Given only to summer interns: “Connecting the Dots. The Path to Lifesize CTO & Other Random Nuggets of Information to Think About"

3 favorite Lifesize videos


- "Call me Maybe” parody video with a brief cameo on a scooter

- Simon Sinek TED inspired “Why” video from a bunch of Lifesize employees. It still chokes me up to see the raw passion of people and love of LS.

- Beau, Joe, Sean, Matt, Stefan, BLR guys intro to Bridge 2200. “Radical New Architecture”, “How the Heck do we do this?”, “Clean sheet of paper”, “Technical challenge”, “Very strategic product”

- BONUS: Ariel Atom video as a metaphor for Bridge 2200. “It destroys your face."

3 favorite TED talks (Impossible to pick only 3)


- Hans Rosling. The best stats you’ve ever seen. Insight to the power of data collection and analysis.

- Hugh Herr. The new bionics that let us run, climb & dance

- Stefan Sagmeister. The power of time off. Obviously I believe in this one!

- Bonus: Not a TED talk, but the Stanford online semester lectures, “How to Start a Startup”. Watch them all.

3 things I will miss the most


- Free breakfast tacos

- Free beer at the Tech Meetings

- Christmas parties

Seriously, I will miss all of you and the great products. Keep them coming.

As for us, Lonna and I are going to take at least a year before jumping into something new. Play a lot of tennis. Play a lot of guitar. Ski and snowboard 50 days. Learn some new things. Write some software. Split time between Austin, Colorado & the west coast.

Please stay in touch.

blog: www.trekwiththekings.com

email: caseywsj@gmail.com

video: 1478922@lifesizecloud.com

phone: 512-963-6635

One last thing. There is a new documentary released Friday, “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine” directed by Alex Gibney. It hasn’t been released in local theaters, but you can get it on Apple TV. In the 22nd minute of the movie, Lifesize makes a prominent appearance as you can see below.

Thanks again for all the support over the years. You guys did all the hard work! I have high expectations for Lifesize moving forward.

So long for now …


Guest Post - Bandit

I have finally made the mountain cabin my home, despite being banned from drinking from the faucets. It took a few days to settle in, but that is because of the traumatizing trip up here in the new truck. What happened to the Volvo?

First stop was in Dallas at Robin's house. I had made an extended stay here 10+ years ago when I had to establish myself as the dominant animal of the house ... and there were lots of animals to dominate. I guess I've outlasted most of them as it seems there is a whole new crew. I had my own room, but one of the new cats had decided to hide in the closet until my Mom left. He then ambushed me, WTF? A quick cat fight ensued with the victor being me of course. I'm getting to old for this!

During the drive I took my normal perch on anybody's lap. I did try to explore the truck controls on the floorboard once & I thought the Big One was going to blow a gasket. I love road trips!

My Houdini skills are still intact as I was able to escape the stupid harness they make me wear on the deck. I was recaptured quickly, but I do have my eye on that river down there before we leave. It seems dangerous out here, so looking forward to returning to the safety of the condo soon. Heard there was a bear trolling for food at night in the area. Not too worried about that due to my wicked fast speed. Maybe the Big One will get eaten. A kitty can dream! Yawn ... time for a nap.

Mohawk Lakes

The weather in October has been great in mid October. Still waiting for snow before we head back to Austin. Four hikes so far, with the longest being Mohawk Lakes. We took lots of breaks to enjoy the incredible views, so it took us about 6 hours! Hiking poles a must!

Throw Back Thursday - Bandit takes over the Blog

I am Bandit. The mastermind behind this family. Don't judge me because I am adorable, furry & four legged. I idolize my Mom and am at constant battle with "The Big One". This has continued for over a decade. I have stolen the credentials to the website and expect to write an original blog post VERY soon. I thought I'd start with 3 posts from 10 years ago on my great adventure to Alaska. Enjoy! 

I'm Baaaack!!


First published on caseyk.org Open Roads Blog Jul 2005



27/07/05 11:15 

I continue to rise through the ranks of important positions on the trip and now take my daily station soon after we start out each day. My new job is chief navigator and I sit dutifully on the dashboard. I think the "Big One" put a picture of me holding a map up in my photo gallery section. I'll have to double check that since he is not too trustworthy.

I also was tired of leaving so darn early and the humans have now relented. We typically leave the camp when I wake up which is around 10 am. My whole sleep pattern has been disrupted here because it seems that the sun never sets as far as I can tell. They say that it is daylight for 20 hours per day, but it always seems to be light to me. In protest, I've decided to simply sleep all the time and that means I will sleep wherever my Mom is. I'm not picky. I'll sleep on her in the bed, on her shoulder in the front seat, on her lap in the lounger or sofa, on her toes playing board games. The "Big One" sometimes gets annoyed because I cross some invisible line that he has set up. I have also decided that Mom is the only one allowed to touch me and I start screaming when either the "Big One" or "Little One" come near me. They are now calling me psycho which I am wearing like a badge of honor. A more sensitive cat would have hurt feelings, but I am in an independent Northwest territory mindset now!!

So long to all my fans. I'll keep in touch as we roll up the highway.


Escape from Alcatraz

19/07/05 17:58 

It took me 2 weeks, but yesterday I was able to escape from the motorhome. I had a very enjoyable experience hiding from the humans for a few minutes before the Little One crawled under the RV and captured me! I've been loitering around the front door and Aunt Robin left the door open for a minute and whosh ... I was out in the great wilderness. I had no intention of going far since I had not eaten my lunch yet and was almost ready for a little nap. 

Things have settled down and I'm having a wonderful time. My mom brought my favorite blanket and I sleep on her feet every chance I get ... which is quite often. The Big One is keeping his distance from me most likely because he is terrified of what I am planning on doing because of the cage incident.

I was really bummed because I didn't get to go on the raft trip or to see the Grizzly bears. I'm sure that I'll be taken on a big hike soon.



What the heck?

04/07/05 15:41 

I am the mastermind behind this whole year long trip and I have been ready to get started for awhile now. The "Big One" kept saying he had some work to finish up, my Mom was busy taking care of me, and the "Little One" had school and way too many baseball games to wrap up. But now it is time to go and I am ready. So, you can imagine my surprise today.

All went according to plan this morning with my Mom holding me in her arms followed by my normal pampering routine.

But somehow, later in the day, I end up like this ...


I'm sure this is all the Big One's doings! My Mom would never let this happen. We are NOT getting off on the right foot here. I will seek my revenge on the "Big One" in due time so please do not warn him. And don't let him fool you, I am the technical brains behind this website, so please send comments on my blogs!

Do Hard Things

Let me first say this ... I AM SO PROUD OF MY WIFE!

Let me add ... I am jealous!

A little background. Five years ago we were walking around downtown Austin and saw Martin Sheen walking next to a Prevost bus that was wrapped in a promotional skin for a new movie called The Way. We saw it on the first day it was released and we've wanted to hike the Camino Santiago ever since.

Lonna had the chance to do it with a friend last month with a tour called Fresco tours. Over 100 miles of hiking from Leon to Santiago. If you think 100 miles is an easy hike over 9 days, then get your fitbit out and start walking up and down hills every day (12 miles per day) for the next week and a half. And do 4 full days in the rain. It's hard.

Her first day report when asked "Give me 3 words describing day 1" was Amazing & F**king Horrible all at the same time. That set the tone. Here she is at the end of day 1 at the top of Iron Cross (La Cruz de Ferro) which is the highest point on the Camino. 

Day 2 started with denial as she was told (wanted to believe) that the climbing was done. It wasn't and the distance was longer and she had a stomach bug for what turned out to be the first 3-4 days. One with the corn fields is the way she describes it. TMI? I told you it was f**king hard. Day 2 ended with a text, "Just finished 12 mile hike" followed soon after by "Just went to pharmacist". 

I ran across a TEDx talk a couple weeks ago by Scott Dinsmore, How to Find and Do Work You Love. Three takeaways: learn about yourself, do the impossible, surround yourself with passionate people. I thought about Lonna because she was going to learn about all three! Especially the quest to do things that seem impossible at a given moment. After seeing the movie Everest last night, impossible is relative!

There was a marked change in the texts and pictures I got from Lonna on day 4. A rain day, but the look in her eyes was far different than before. I could see joy and determination. At that moment, I knew she would soon be at the end of the road on the steps of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

There is no way I can do justice to Lonna's trip. I hope she will take some time to write down some of the experiences she had on the camino. What an epic trip. 

The adventures haven't ended as we are now in Breckenridge, Colorado. More mountains! Another f**ing mountain?