Throw Back Thursday - Bandit takes over the Blog

I am Bandit. The mastermind behind this family. Don't judge me because I am adorable, furry & four legged. I idolize my Mom and am at constant battle with "The Big One". This has continued for over a decade. I have stolen the credentials to the website and expect to write an original blog post VERY soon. I thought I'd start with 3 posts from 10 years ago on my great adventure to Alaska. Enjoy! 

I'm Baaaack!!


First published on Open Roads Blog Jul 2005



27/07/05 11:15 

I continue to rise through the ranks of important positions on the trip and now take my daily station soon after we start out each day. My new job is chief navigator and I sit dutifully on the dashboard. I think the "Big One" put a picture of me holding a map up in my photo gallery section. I'll have to double check that since he is not too trustworthy.

I also was tired of leaving so darn early and the humans have now relented. We typically leave the camp when I wake up which is around 10 am. My whole sleep pattern has been disrupted here because it seems that the sun never sets as far as I can tell. They say that it is daylight for 20 hours per day, but it always seems to be light to me. In protest, I've decided to simply sleep all the time and that means I will sleep wherever my Mom is. I'm not picky. I'll sleep on her in the bed, on her shoulder in the front seat, on her lap in the lounger or sofa, on her toes playing board games. The "Big One" sometimes gets annoyed because I cross some invisible line that he has set up. I have also decided that Mom is the only one allowed to touch me and I start screaming when either the "Big One" or "Little One" come near me. They are now calling me psycho which I am wearing like a badge of honor. A more sensitive cat would have hurt feelings, but I am in an independent Northwest territory mindset now!!

So long to all my fans. I'll keep in touch as we roll up the highway.


Escape from Alcatraz

19/07/05 17:58 

It took me 2 weeks, but yesterday I was able to escape from the motorhome. I had a very enjoyable experience hiding from the humans for a few minutes before the Little One crawled under the RV and captured me! I've been loitering around the front door and Aunt Robin left the door open for a minute and whosh ... I was out in the great wilderness. I had no intention of going far since I had not eaten my lunch yet and was almost ready for a little nap. 

Things have settled down and I'm having a wonderful time. My mom brought my favorite blanket and I sleep on her feet every chance I get ... which is quite often. The Big One is keeping his distance from me most likely because he is terrified of what I am planning on doing because of the cage incident.

I was really bummed because I didn't get to go on the raft trip or to see the Grizzly bears. I'm sure that I'll be taken on a big hike soon.



What the heck?

04/07/05 15:41 

I am the mastermind behind this whole year long trip and I have been ready to get started for awhile now. The "Big One" kept saying he had some work to finish up, my Mom was busy taking care of me, and the "Little One" had school and way too many baseball games to wrap up. But now it is time to go and I am ready. So, you can imagine my surprise today.

All went according to plan this morning with my Mom holding me in her arms followed by my normal pampering routine.

But somehow, later in the day, I end up like this ...


I'm sure this is all the Big One's doings! My Mom would never let this happen. We are NOT getting off on the right foot here. I will seek my revenge on the "Big One" in due time so please do not warn him. And don't let him fool you, I am the technical brains behind this website, so please send comments on my blogs!