Guest Post - Bandit

I have finally made the mountain cabin my home, despite being banned from drinking from the faucets. It took a few days to settle in, but that is because of the traumatizing trip up here in the new truck. What happened to the Volvo?

First stop was in Dallas at Robin's house. I had made an extended stay here 10+ years ago when I had to establish myself as the dominant animal of the house ... and there were lots of animals to dominate. I guess I've outlasted most of them as it seems there is a whole new crew. I had my own room, but one of the new cats had decided to hide in the closet until my Mom left. He then ambushed me, WTF? A quick cat fight ensued with the victor being me of course. I'm getting to old for this!

During the drive I took my normal perch on anybody's lap. I did try to explore the truck controls on the floorboard once & I thought the Big One was going to blow a gasket. I love road trips!

My Houdini skills are still intact as I was able to escape the stupid harness they make me wear on the deck. I was recaptured quickly, but I do have my eye on that river down there before we leave. It seems dangerous out here, so looking forward to returning to the safety of the condo soon. Heard there was a bear trolling for food at night in the area. Not too worried about that due to my wicked fast speed. Maybe the Big One will get eaten. A kitty can dream! Yawn ... time for a nap.