Do Hard Things

Let me first say this ... I AM SO PROUD OF MY WIFE!

Let me add ... I am jealous!

A little background. Five years ago we were walking around downtown Austin and saw Martin Sheen walking next to a Prevost bus that was wrapped in a promotional skin for a new movie called The Way. We saw it on the first day it was released and we've wanted to hike the Camino Santiago ever since.

Lonna had the chance to do it with a friend last month with a tour called Fresco tours. Over 100 miles of hiking from Leon to Santiago. If you think 100 miles is an easy hike over 9 days, then get your fitbit out and start walking up and down hills every day (12 miles per day) for the next week and a half. And do 4 full days in the rain. It's hard.

Her first day report when asked "Give me 3 words describing day 1" was Amazing & F**king Horrible all at the same time. That set the tone. Here she is at the end of day 1 at the top of Iron Cross (La Cruz de Ferro) which is the highest point on the Camino. 

Day 2 started with denial as she was told (wanted to believe) that the climbing was done. It wasn't and the distance was longer and she had a stomach bug for what turned out to be the first 3-4 days. One with the corn fields is the way she describes it. TMI? I told you it was f**king hard. Day 2 ended with a text, "Just finished 12 mile hike" followed soon after by "Just went to pharmacist". 

I ran across a TEDx talk a couple weeks ago by Scott Dinsmore, How to Find and Do Work You Love. Three takeaways: learn about yourself, do the impossible, surround yourself with passionate people. I thought about Lonna because she was going to learn about all three! Especially the quest to do things that seem impossible at a given moment. After seeing the movie Everest last night, impossible is relative!

There was a marked change in the texts and pictures I got from Lonna on day 4. A rain day, but the look in her eyes was far different than before. I could see joy and determination. At that moment, I knew she would soon be at the end of the road on the steps of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

There is no way I can do justice to Lonna's trip. I hope she will take some time to write down some of the experiences she had on the camino. What an epic trip. 

The adventures haven't ended as we are now in Breckenridge, Colorado. More mountains! Another f**ing mountain?