Casey, Lonna & Bandit (the Cat)

Ten years ago, we went on an epic adventure around the world. People remember it as a one year sabbatical, but in reality it was 18 weeks away from work. What an 18 weeks it was! Alaska, New Zealand, SE USA, Colorado, UK & the Bahamas. We had planned on going to Newfoundland, but never made it. I'll reintroduce those old OpenRoad blog postings on throwback days here. 

Prior to that, I took two sabbaticals at Apple. The first, in 1993, was 12 weeks long and I started to build an airplane that I first flew in 1997.

The second sabbatical at Apple, in 2000, was 4 months long and we went to the South Pacific and many other places out west.

I figured that every 5 years was a good interval for an extended break from work. I always found myself reenergized to return and build new things.

I have bigger plans for the blog this time. It will be our little corner of the online world to mashup both our vagabonding addiction as well as my interest in technology. One day it may be how anti-sway hitches work pulling our new Airstream. The next it may be a comparison of the latest collaboration products from industry leaders. I expect to continue to have a strong opinion on these things. I did 89 Tech Meetings at Lifesize during my tenure as CTO and I plan on continuing those in some form here. I'm mostly interested in new technology trends outside the area where I've spent the last dozen years.

This is a place for learning some new skills. 

As before, expect some guest posts from both Lonna and Bandit. Lonna left today (September 7) to walk the Camino in Spain. Surely that will be worthy of writing some thoughts down.

This blog has no other purpose than to record our thoughts, plans, and adventures for the next year. After that then I expect to be starting something new.